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About ART Płakowice


ART Płakowice stands for the high quality and reliability of our products and services in cable production, housing technology, and controller and switchboard construction. With our range of services, we supply demanding customers in the following industries: Energy & environmental technology, printing, machine tools & plant engineering and shipping & transportation.

Administrative building in front of the housing technology production hall

The close collaboration with our customers and our shared goal of market success is a powerful incentive for us to continuously improve ART Płakowice. We value mutually fruitful partnerships that are forward-looking and built for the long term. Achieving those objectives means continuously optimizing our processes and modernizing our infrastructure.

Mechatronics production hall and logistics center

ART Płakowice was founded in 1995 and since then has been a part of the successful ART corporate group headquartered in Hockenheim in the German region of Baden. The Lwówek Śląski (former Płakowice) location initially focused on producing cables for the German locations, but over time ART Płakowice has developed into the ART Group’s main production site.


Today the location represents all of the primary qualifications of the Group in terms of cable production, housing technology, and controller and switch cabinet construction. Our close collaboration with the German production locations is a key component in the Group’s success.


In addition, we have also established a significant customer base of our own. Located near the German border, the location currently employs over 300 staff. We are one of the biggest employers in the region, and stand for stability and sustainability. Learn more about ART Płakowice as an employer here.