Who we are:

Value-creation and system partner for electrotechnical products

ART Płakowice is a system partner for electrotechnical products and an integral part of the ART Group. Founded in 1995 in the Lower Silesian city of Lwówek Śląski in Poland, ART Płakowice has since developed from a purely value-creation operation into a successful system partner, with some customers supplied directly from the Polish facility. Learn more about us here.



Thinking a step ahead:

Competent system partner

With our competent team of technicians and engineers, we can design and plan complete control systems consisting of the machine controller and connected cabling and deliver 100% inspected systems in the logistics chain agreed upon with the customers. Learn more about how we can support you as a system partner here.

What we do for you:

Reliable value-creation partner

As value-creation partners, we dependably support our customers in the production of electrotechnical products. Our core services include cable production, sheet metal processing, controller and switch cabinet assembly, as well as the installation of assemblies.

ART-Płakowice has many years of expertise, qualified employees, and modern equipment. Another of our advantages is the attractive location of our facilities, approx. 70 kilometers, which facilitates favorable production costs and agile logistics with short transport times. Learn more about our services here.

Are you looking for a strong value-creation and system partner for electrotechnical products?

Then arrange an appointment with us – by e-mail or phone at +48 (0) 75 782 04 21.